Article 9-4 |

PSRP Duties and Responsibilities |

Utilization of all PSRPs shall be in conformity with applicable statutes and established guidelines. Such personnel shall not be used as a substitute for a teacher except for temporary emergency supervisory duty where the welfare of students is involved. Said temporary supervisory duty shall not exceed sixty minutes. No teacher may leave the teacher’s assigned classroom under the supervision of said personnel, unless said teacher has received the approval of the principal or the principal’s designee.

PSRPs cannot be asked to cover classes except in an emergency. Even in an emergency, they should never be asked to supervise for more than 60 minutes.

An example of an emergency might be a teacher becoming ill in the middle of a class or a blizzard delaying the arrival of a teacher or substitute teacher. Routine events, such as scheduled Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Conferences or inadequate numbers of substitutes in a school are not emergencies.

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