Article 1-12.1 |

School-Based Professional Problems Committees |

Each school shall establish a Professional Problems Committee to discuss school operations, contract administration issues and any new BOARD instructional program or joint BOARD-UNION initiative prior to or at the time of its implementation at the local school level. The committee shall be composed of the principal and no fewer than three and not more than five members identified by the UNION delegate. The UNION delegate shall be the chairperson of the Professional Problems Committee. The UNION delegate shall notify the principal of the UNION representatives as soon as they are elected and report any changes in representatives as soon as possible. The committee shall meet at least monthly without loss of compensation, and the parties shall jointly establish the agenda at least forty-eight hours prior to each meeting. The principal and the chairperson of the Professional Problems Committee shall exchange available and pertinent information concerning the operation of the school when such information is necessary for the understanding and resolution of professional problems under discussion by the principal and the Professional Problems Committee. The principal or the UNION delegate may invite consultants or resource persons to attend the meeting to discuss specific agenda items with advance notice to the committee members. The committee shall decide whether and how to report the proceedings of the meeting to school staff.

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