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School nurses continuously employed in the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services since on or before December 31, 1976 on a 248-day work year schedule (or its previous equivalent of forty-eight weeks) shall maintain their 248-day work year schedule, unless they voluntarily elect to transfer to a position with a lesser work year.

At the beginning of each school year, the BOARD shall provide to the UNION a list of school nurses who have continuously held 248-day positions since on or before December 31, 1976 and whose schedules shall be maintained under this section.

All newly appointed school nurses and all provisional and temporarily certificated school nurses shall be employed on a ten-school-month (208-day) basis. All school nurses currently employed on a twelve-school-month (52-week) basis who convert to a ten-school-month (208-day) basis shall not be entitled to return to a twelve-school-month (52-week) work year schedule. Employment of ten-school-month school nurses beyond ten school months shall be considered as summer employment. Pension contributions and sick leave shall be based on a ten-school-month year.

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