Article 23-3.3 |

Renewal or Non-Renewal |

The BOARD may non-renew a PAT for the following school year and dismiss the PAT at the end of the current school year as provided in this Section, Article 39 and the teacher evaluation plan. If a PAT’s performance for the school year is rated as “excellent” or “proficient,” the PAT shall be renewed for the following school year, but such renewal shall not be a guarantee of employment for the following school year. In the event a PAT’s rating is projected to be less than “proficient” and the PAT is recommended for non-renewal for the following school year, the BOARD shall provide the PAT with written notice in private by May 10 of the current school year. A PAT whose final rating is less than “proficient” shall be afforded the opportunity to submit a resignation within ten days of receipt of the rating, and the resignation will be effective no earlier than the end of the school year. If the PAT resigns, the BOARD agrees to maintain the PAT’s health insurance coverage through August. Any notice of non-renewal shall provide the reason(s) for the non-renewal. PATs who are non-renewed are eligible to apply for open teaching positions.

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