Article 23-6.4 |

Part-Time Teachers |

A part-time teacher is a certified teacher who is assigned to work less than the full-time schedule worked by school-based appointed teachers. The BOARD may utilize part-time teachers, including teachers on leave. The salary and benefits of such teachers under this Agreement shall be prorated to correspond to the length of the part-time assignment (e.g., a teacher assigned to half-time shall have his or her salary and benefits prorated by .5). Such part-time teachers shall maintain benefits and seniority accrued through their assignment to a part-time position and shall continue to accrue benefits and seniority thereafter on a prorated basis. The BOARD agrees that the employment and assignment of part-time teachers shall not result in the displacement of any appointed teacher. In addition, the BOARD agrees that part-time teachers will not be used to supplant the assignment of appointed teachers.

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