Article 27-2.5 |

Compensation and Benefits |

Cadre substitutes shall be paid the daily rate set forth in Appendix A-1J. The provisions of Article 44-2 shall not apply to required in-service training for Cadre substitutes up to a limit of three such sessions of up to two hours per session. Except as provided in Appendix B, the BOARD agrees to pay the cost of individual health insurance for each Cadre substitute. A full-time Cadre substitute shall have the option of purchasing at the Cadre substitute’s own expense family plan hospitalization and major medical insurance coverage at the group rate during the period said Cadre substitute is assigned to the Cadre. A Cadre substitute shall receive holiday pay provided he or she is present and serves as a teacher on the school day immediately before and after the holiday. Any and all benefits associated with duty in the Cadre are limited to those enumerated in this Article.

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