Article 29-2.3 |

Second Step - Second Warning Notice |

In the event that the employee commits the same unwanted behavior after being afforded a reasonable period of time for correcting the behavior but within twelve months of the delivery of a First Warning, the principal or head administrator shall serve the employee with the Pre-Meeting Second Warning notice and any supporting documents that evidence the misconduct. This notice also sets a date and time for a private meeting to occur between the principal or head administrator and the employee. After the meeting, if appropriate, the principal or head administrator will serve the employee with a Second Warning that memorializes the meeting, the nature of the misconduct and sets forth the improvement needed. The Second Warning shall be issued within ten school days of the meeting. If the employee disagrees with the Second Warning, the employee may submit a written rebuttal, which shall be included in the employee’s disciplinary file and copied to the UNION. Second Warnings are not reviewable except in the context of a review of a Final Warning in Lieu of Suspension or dismissal decision.

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