Article 38-1.1 |

TATs with Temporary Certificates |

Teachers who hold temporary teaching certificates (other than provisional certificates) and who are employed as TATs shall be eligible to receive salary adjustments up to and including the second step of the appropriate lane to allow credit for prior service as a full-time teacher in the Chicago Public Schools or in schools outside the Chicago public school system provided, however, that the provisions of Section 302.8 of the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual (Compensation and Pay Plan) (Board Report: 08-0123-PO1) covering salary adjustments are met and an application (Salary Adjustment T. Per. 41) and, if outside time is involved, an affidavit (Affidavit Form T. Per. 42) are filed with the Talent Office. The Talent Office shall acknowledge within twenty-five days, in writing, the receipt of such application and shall indicate any deficiency in the application. At the time application is made, the teacher shall furnish the Talent Office with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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