Article 39-2.3 |

Teacher Practice Observations |

  1. Formal and Informal.
    1. Formal observations shall be preceded by a pre-conference. All formal observations shall be forty-five minutes in duration, the length of the class period or the length of the lesson.
    2. Informal observations shall be at least fifteen minutes in duration.
  2. Timing and Number.
    1. The first observation shall take place no sooner than the fifth week of the school year.
    2. Each subsequent observation shall be separated by at least one month, or three months for teachers evaluated biennially, and be completed no later than the thirty-fifth week of the school year.
    3. Teachers who will receive a summative evaluation in school year 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 may opt to make the first formal observation in 2012-2013 a “practice” observation, whose score will not be included in the summative rating. The teacher may exercise this choice within ten days of the post-observation conference.
    4. Teachers shall have four observations by qualified evaluators during their evaluation cycles, at least two of which shall be formal observations.
  3. Observations and Conferences.
    1. Pre-observation conferences shall be scheduled with reasonable notification to the teacher.
    2. Pre-observation conferences between the teacher and the evaluator shall take place no later than one week prior to the formal observation. Pre-observation conferences prior to a formal observation shall be private interactive discussions between the evaluator-observer and the teacher at which lesson and unit plans, portfolios of student work, student issues, resource needs, the teacher’s identification of areas in which he or she wishes to have focused feedback from the evaluator-observer and other professional practice issues identified by the teacher or evaluator-observer shall be discussed.
    3. Evidence collected during formal or informal observations shall be aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching.
    4. Each formal observation shall take place within five school days of the pre-conference and during the time that the instructional module discussed at the pre-conference is to be taught.
    5. Post-conferences between the teacher and evaluator-observer shall take place within five to ten school days following the formal observation and shall be private. Feedback after an informal observation may be provided in person or electronically. The teacher may request in person feedback after an informal observation.
    6. The evaluator shall provide the teacher with all the evidence, observation scoring and reflections via the BOARD’S on-line teacher evaluation data system, to which the BOARD will provide teachers unlimited access.
  4. Summative Evaluation.

    There will be only one annual or biennial summative evaluation per evaluation cycle at the end of the teacher’s evaluation cycle. The BOARD will attempt to provide summative ratings no later than the last day of student attendance, and the Joint Committee will review its progress toward that goal.

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