Article 3-3 |

Investigation of Grievances |

A principal or head administrator shall allow the UNION delegate or his or her designee a reasonable period of time during the school day to investigate grievances. In the event clarification is necessary as to what constitutes reasonable time, the Director of Employee Engagement, after consultation with the UNION, shall make the final determination. Prior to the initial conference and upon the request of the UNION delegate or his or her designee, the principal or head administrator shall provide the UNION with access to and copies of all existing and available documents that are relevant to the allegations in the grievance, including all documents supporting the BOARD’s actions, and shall timely supplement this production if additional documents become available. The UNION President or his or her designee shall be accorded all the rights of the UNION delegate in any school or unit. Time allowed shall be confined to investigating grievances that have been brought to the principal’s or head administrator’s attention.

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