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Section 1 – Definitions |

  1. School actions. BOARD-approved actions to close, consolidate, phase-out or turnaround a school.
  2. School closing. A student attendance center is closed, its attendance area boundary redistributed to two or more schools and its students reassigned to one or more schools.
  3. School consolidation. A student attendance center is closed, its attendance area boundary merged with one other school and its students reassigned to one other school.
  4. Phase-out. A student attendance center is gradually closed through the reassignment of the area attendance boundary to one or more other student attendance centers with no students reassigned; such center may later be closed or consolidated.
  5. Turnaround or reconstitution. All employees of the school are removed from the school and reassigned or laid off with no students reassigned to other schools.
  6. Economic actions. Economic actions are those for which the cause of the layoff of the employee is the BOARD’s, unit’s or school’s lack of funds to maintain current staffing levels; economic actions may take the form of different transactions, including, but not limited to, class size increases, changes in position definitions (i.e., redefinitions) to meet program needs, elimination of positions or the reduction of positions from full- to part-time.
  7. Other actions. Actions that are not school actions or economic actions. They may be based on a school’s enrollment or a school’s or unit’s educational program and may include, but not be limited to, (i) drops in enrollment whereby a student attendance center receives fewer positions or less resources due to a decline in student enrollment, (ii) changes in the educational or academic focus of the attendance center whereby an entire attendance center or a substantial part of an attendance center becomes focused on or changes its focus to a particular content area or form of pedagogy (e.g., International Baccalaureate, Montessori or STEM) that necessitates specialized credentials for or training of teaching staff and sometimes support staff, (iii) program closures whereby special programs are eliminated (e.g., a grant-funded reading program ends), (iv) redefinitions, (v) elimination of positions or (vi) reduction of positions from full- to part-time.

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