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Criteria for Determining Bargaining Unit ESP Employees to Be Laid Off |

Except in cases where an attendance center or unit is closed under the BOARD’s Closing of Schools Policy, reconstituted or closed pursuant to Section 34-8.3 of the Illinois School Code or subject to intervention pursuant to Section 34-8.4 of the Illinois School Code, the CEO or designee will consider one or more of the following factors in determining which employees shall be laid off:

  1. job classification,
  2. department or attendance center where assigned,
  3. seniority,
  4. recent performance ratings or evaluations, certifications or other qualifications,
  5. where applicable, whether the employee is highly qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act and applicable BOARD policies, and state and federal regulations, and/or
  6. any other factors related to job performance.
The weight to be accorded to each factor considered shall be left to the CEO’s or designee’s discretion.

For the purposes of this policy only, “seniority” with regard to layoff and reappointment shall mean the length of full-time accumulated service in any career service/ESP position, with such seniority accruing from the date of initial appointment to a career service/ESP position with the BOARD. This definition of “seniority” shall apply only to those ESP employees who are represented by a bargaining unit at the time of their layoff.

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