Know Your Rights

Right to Representation

Teachers & PSRPs

United States labor law provides every union member with the right to representation
and support from a union representative in disciplinary meetings with a supervisor.
This also applies in situations where members may face investigation by other departments
within CPS such as the Law Department. These rights, commonly known as
‘Weingarten Rights’, were affirmed in 1975 by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court
decision established right to a union representative in any meeting with a supervisor
where you feel the topic might lead to some type of disciplinary action or to a change
in working conditions.

Invoke Your Rights

If you find yourself in a meeting or conference with your principal or an administrator,
you make invoke your rights at any point. What starts out as a discussion about lesson
planning, field trip policy, student behavior or any other topic can, at times, change
unexpectedly to a situation where your supervisor is reprimanding you or bringing
up the possibility of disciplinary action. Should that happen, you should invoke your
Weingarten Rights by saying,

If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union Representative be present at this meeting. Without a representative present, I choose not to participate further in this discussion.

You will find this message on the back of your CTU membership card. It’s a good idea
to carry this card with you so you can easily remind yourself and your supervisors of
your legal and contractual rights. It’s also important to invoke your rights as a habit in
these situations. You don’t want to have to suddenly teach your supervisor these rights
only when you need them most.

How to Get Union Representation

Your right to representation means that any union member that you choose may be
present in the meeting. It is not up to your administrator to select the person to represent
you. If you are comfortable with your delegate knowing your situation and believe
that s/he has the knowledge and skill to assert your rights in the meeting, he or she may
be logical person to select. Another educator in your building can also play this role
if you so choose. If it seems to be a potentially serious matter or you would prefer an
outsider, you can call CTU at 312-329-9100 and ask to speak to your Field Representative
or look your rep up on the website at She or he has had special
training which can help you avoid by giving you contract information and helping you
avoid mistakes that could put you at risk should your principal or supervisor decide to
take disciplinary action.

Please follow your field representative’s suggestions and/or directives. They have the experience required by you in these proceedings.